Quickly run USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) Compliance and Validation Tests with Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix or Teledyne LeCroy Windows 7+ Based Oscilloscope

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  • Performs Compliance Tests for any USB Power Delivery or Type-C design
  • Tests USB Power Delivery Bi-Phase Mark Coded (BMC) Physical Layer (PHY), Protocol (PROT), and Power Provider/Consumer (POW) Compliance.
  • Supports USB Power Delivery Protocol, Compliance, Decode, and Debug along with Electrical Measurements.
  • Supports USB-PD Alt Modes 
such as DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3, and MHL
  • Runs on Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix or Teledyne LeCroy Windows Based Oscilloscopes


GRL’s USB Power Delivery (GRL-USB-PD) Compliance Test Software is the world’s first oscilloscope-based software tool designed for testing to the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) specification.
GRL-USB-PD software, when used ‘stand-alone’ on any Windows based oscilloscope, provides a simple and efficient way to perform USB-PD electrical parametric and protocol measurements. GRL-USB-PD provides waveform visibility and protocol analysis making it ideal for design and debug of USB Type-C Power Delivery silicon and end products.

When used with GRL’s USB Type-C Test Controller Hardware (GRL-USB-PD-C1), GRL-USB-PD provides a complete automated solution for Compliance Testing to the USB Power Delivery Compliance Plan.
GRL has been a contributor to the USB Power Delivery Specification and Compliance Working Groups since mid-2014. With GRL’s USB-PD Compliance Solution, you can perform the required USB-PD Compliance tests in your own lab before attending a workshop or sending your device to a lab for Compliance. For most new designs using the USB Type-C Connector, the USB PD Specification provides the handshaking -contract needed, not only for power delivery, but also ‘Alt Mode’ entry/exit for other technologies such as DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3. GRL’s flexible controller hardware and software solution supports Alt Mode link negotiation and Power Delivery handshaking needed for other tests such as high speed PHY testing. GRL-USB-PD provides an essential analysis and compliance tool for the design, debug, and compliance testing of USB Power Delivery and Type-C designs.

Key Features

  • Runs on Keysight, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz or Teledyne LeCroy Windows 7+ based scope
  • Conforms to the latest USB-IF USB-PD Specification and Test Plans
  • Performs electrical physical layer (BMC-PHY) tests - Chapter 5 of the USB-PD Specification
  • Performs protocol layer (BMC-PROT) tests – Chapter 6 of the USB-PD Specification
  • Performs power state (BMC-POW) tests – Chapter 7 of the USB-PD Specification
  • Fully automates all tests required for USB-PD Certification
  • Tests full range of USB-PD devices - Cable ‘eMarkers’, Providers, Consumers, Dual Role Devices.
  • Provides direct linkage and traceability of packet data to the USB-PD physical layer signal
  • Supports ‘Alt Mode’ Initiation for high speed Physical Layer (PHY) testing
  • Automatically saves all waveforms for further analysis and debug
  • Fully automates the USB-PD Compliance test process from Product Registration to Certification Approval
  • Automatically generates comprehensive .pdf, .csv, and .xml test reports

Application Specifications

This application is compatible with Keysight Technologies 90000 X-Series, 9000, 90000, and 90000Q Series oscilloscope models.
GRL-USB-PD - Compliance Test Software
GRL-USB-PD-C1 - USB Type-C® Test Controller with US Power Cord
GRL-USB-PD-C1-AUS - USB Type-C® Test Controller with Australia Power Cord
GRL-USB-PD-C1-CHN - USB Type-C® Test Controller with China Power Cord
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
GRL-USB-PD USB Power Delivery Compliance Test Software

The distribution includes the following:
  • GRL-USB-PD Software Ver. 1.2.2 - USB Power Delivery Compliance Test Softweare and 10-Day Trial License
  • GRL-USB-PD-C1 Firmware Ver. 1.2.6 - USB Type-C Test Controller
  • GRL USB Type-C Power Delivery and Alt Mode Test Method of Implementation (MOI) and User Guide
How to Download Click the download button and save the file to a temporary directory on your PC.
How to Install On your PC or Oscilloscope, open (execute) the downloaded file, and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
More instructions are available in the Included PDF MOI (Method of Implementation) and User Guide.

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