GRL and Anritsu Introduce USB 3.1 Test Automation Software for the MP1800A

January 24th, 2017 by Admin GRL

Solution for Testing USB 3.1 5G and 10G Receiver Compliance to be Demonstrated at DesignCon 2017

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 24, 2017 – Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for high speed connectivity, and Anritsu Corporation have released a test solution for receiver testing of USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) and Gen 2 (10Gbps) designs using GRL-USB31-RXA test automation software with the Anritsu MP1800A Signal Analyzer and Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT). The solution will be demonstrated February 1-2 at the DesignCon 2017 Expo Hall in Santa Clara, California.
SuperSpeed USB brought significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard. The SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 2) Specification adds a 10Gbps speed mode that uses a more efficient data encoding and delivers more than twice the effective data throughput performance of existing SuperSpeed USB over enhanced, fully backward compatible USB connectors and cables.
GRL-USB31-RXA automates the Anritsu BERT and real-time oscilloscope to calibrate the stressed eye opening and test receiver compliance and jitter tolerance. Following the standard test methodology outlined in the USB 3.1 Electrical Compliance Test Specification, GRL-USB31-RXA provides a simple user interface to automate complex USB testing. The software significantly reduces equipment calibration time, and runs on any Windows 7+ PC or Keysight Technologies 16GHz or higher bandwidth real-time oscilloscope (contact GRL regarding support for other oscilloscope platforms).
GRL-USB31-RXA in combination with Anritsu’s MP1800A, G0373A USB3.1 Receiver Test Adapter, and MX183000A software provides engineers with an all-in-one receiver test solution to ensure compatibility and compliance of their USB 3.1 designs.
GRL-USB31-RXA is the latest addition to GRL’s Anritsu receiver test solution portfolio, which also includes PCI Express 4.0, Thunderbolt 3, and PAM-4 (2017 release). GRL’s Anritsu receiver test solutions will be demonstrated February 1-2 at DesignCon 2017 Expo Hall booth #102 (GRL) and #633 (Anritsu).
“We are excited to deliver a new USB 3.1 receiver test solution in partnership with GRL,” said Larry Davis, National Sales Manager of Anritsu Corporation. “GRL’s software solution allows engineers to quickly produce highly reproducible USB receiver test results using world-class Anritsu hardware that supports multi-channel wideband interfaces up to 32 Gbps.”
”GRL is proud to offer this this solution to the USB developer community in partnership with Anritsu and add to our list of contributions to the USB ecosystem,” said Mike Engbretson, GRL Chief Technology Engineer. “GRL’s Receiver Test Automation software platform provides engineers with valuable tools to efficiently debug and validate early IC and end product designs across multiple technology compliance programs using the Anritsu BERT and multiple vendors’ oscilloscopes.”
Key GRL-USB31-RXA features include:

  • Support for USB3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps) and Gen2 (10Gbps) Host and Device receiver jitter tolerance tests in accordance with USB 3.1 Electrical Compliance Test Specification – Enhanced SuperSpeed Rev 1.0.
  • Supports Keysight Technologies 16GHz or higher bandwidth real-time oscilloscope (Infiniium 90000 X-Series or newer). Contact GRL regarding support for other scope platforms.
  • One-button calibration of signal impairments to achieve stressed Receiver Eye Height and Eye Width using SigTest.
  • Automated transmit and receive of LFPS and LBPM signals, transition of Host and Device status to Loopback, insert and identify Skip Ordered Set, and BER measurement.
  • Automated margin testing to discover true receiver performance “beyond conformance”.
  • Simple setup, test execution, and reporting in PDF and CSV format.
  • Fully configurable and customizable.
  • Advanced features for sequencing tests for multiple test conditions such as multiple lanes and Process, Voltage, and Temperature (PVT) testing.

All products are available now for ordering. For more information, contact Granite River Labs or your Anritsu sales representative. For additional information or questions regarding Granite River Labs Test Solutions, including quotes, product demonstrations, software and technical assistance please contact us at
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